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A view of our shop

It is said that good baking starts with good ingredients. 

Add a touch of French flair and delectable pastries, brioches, buns, muffins, slices, biscuits and pies are yours to enjoy each day.

Our pastries are handmade from fresh ingredients, with no added chemical fats, artificial preservatives or colouring, gluten powder or soya flour in our doughs.

French pastries are not as rich as people might think. We are careful with the sugar we use, and our French pastries like our escargots, Danishes, croissants, lunettes, brioches etc. have 1/3 the amount of fat of a muffin and 1/4 the fat of a fudge slice.

Freshly baked piesWe have over 25 varieties of pastries and 25 kinds of hot meat pies and savouries to choose from.


One of Thierry’s specialities is his wonderfully light brioches. 


Classed as viennoiserie, these are enriched doughs named after their Austrian city of origin. We make and sell sugar brioches, custard brioches and chocolate brioches, among others.

We can also make special treats to order, such as Paris-Brests, large fruit flans, tartes, quiche Lorraine and paté Lorraine.

Selection of French pastries Do try our Mille Fuille: ‘Thousand leaves’ of pastry layered with fresh cream and fresh custard, and flavoured with fruit.

Custard Brioche: A light, soft bun filled with fresh custard.

Escargot: Flat pastry coiled with custard and sultanas, perfect with a cup of coffee.

Almond Star: An eye-catching and delicious light pastry with an almond cream centre, topped with almond flakes.

Vol au Vent: Tasty chicken (or ham) in white sauce housed in flaky pastry.


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