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  Your Best Fresh Cream Doughnut, Please

Soft cream is piped in and a long streak of jam lies across the top. One bite and you know this doughnut (18.5cm by 6cm) is different. There's a lightness and the feeling that while it's packed with cream, it's not too much and everything is in balance as balanced as a sugar-crusted cream doughnut can get, anyway. The sugar is crusted on very thickly and the cinnamon is at the right level. The bread is les bread and more a light super flavoursome casing to highlight the cream and jam. *****
Ewan Sargent, Zest Reviews, The Press, Christchurch NZ 31/3/2010


  Short Guide to a Rare Treat

Is it the French touch with pastry, or was it that I was lucky, with the first of the day's pies and sausage rolls coming fresh from the oven, not the pie warmer? The sausage portion of the roll was even-textured, firm and moist (it is hard to get a dry sausage roll; they do contain fat), but all the taste came from the pastry, because there was no hint of onion, garlic or herbs in the sausage meat. The light, flaky pastry had a crisp bite and good flavour. A medium-length roll with a wide girth. ****
Kate Fraser, Zest Reviews, The Press, Christchurch NZ 30/09/2009



“If you taste a custard-filled brioche made by Thierry Didierjean, you will be back for more—nothing is surer.

“This passionate young Frenchman makes brioche second to none, surpassed only by his mille-feuille, those melt-in-the-mouth ‘thousand-leaves’ pastries that draw customers to his Christchurch Village Bakehouse…

“Thierry waxes lyrical about what it is that makes the perfect loaf of bread. With flour dust flying from his baker's jacket, he waves his arms to suggest something of the passion that goes into every batch of dough, every finished loaf. He is clearly excited by the whole business and it is an excitement that translates into over 40 different varieties of bread on a daily basis.”

Adrienne Rewi
Cuisine magazine, NZ
May 2001, Issue 86


“…Thierry makes and sells traditional and speciality french breads, pastries, biscuits, and gateaus along with typical New Zealand bakery fare of meat pies, sausage rolls, filled rolls, scones, and muffins. But even these have a different taste and texture.

“Old-fashioned methods and ingredients are possibly the answer.

“The pastries are a visual feast, but this baker cum shopkeeper insists taste is the key to success. “You must try my sucre brioche. Split them and eat with jam, like a scone.” And, “Here, try my doughnut with cream.” Nothing could prepare the taste buds for this light as feather pastry. No heaviness, no stickiness, just pure eating pleasure.”

Kate Fraser
The Press, Christchurch, NZ



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